Inside Calla Angel

Calla Angel combines design and quality to merge everyday life with art,delivers a design spirit of exquisite, simple and elegant.For decades, our highly skilled craftsmen and women craft the luxury of everyday, they provide you our customers with the highest quality, fashionably products that highlight your extraordinary tastes.

Calla Angel, the home and bedding brand of Lucery Inc. based in New York, has been providing luxurious towels, bathrobes, and bed linens for the past 30 years. The brand name "Calla," inspired by flowers, embodies a refined, simple, and elegant design aesthetic.

Calla Angel combines designs and quality that seamlessly integrate into everyday life. Drawing inspiration from New York's artistic atmosphere and the rhythms of nature, Calla Angel brings a sense of joy and daily elegance to your life.

With a commitment to excellence, Calla Angel continues to push boundaries in the home and bedding industry. The brand's dedication to using the finest materials, innovative designs, and expert craftsmanship sets them apart. Every item is meticulously crafted to provide not only comfort and functionality but also a touch of luxury that elevates everyday experiences.

Calla Angel understands that the home is a sanctuary, a place where relaxation and rejuvenation are paramount. That's why our products are thoughtfully created to enhance your living space, bringing a sense of tranquility and beauty to every room.

As the years go by, Calla Angel remains committed to creating products that enrich the lives of customers. We understand that quality and design go hand in hand, and our unwavering dedication to both ensures that each piece tells a story of sophistication and timeless beauty. Whether it's a cozy towel, a plush bathrobe, or a sumptuous bedding set, Calla Angel brings a touch of luxury into your everyday moments, transforming your home into a haven of comfort and style.