Summer Breeze - Introducing Calla Angel Cotton Voile Quilts

Cotton voile is a multifaceted fabric for both interior designing and clothing. It is lightweight, soft and 100% cotton semi sheer fabric that has awesome drapes in fragile folds. Cotton voile is best for creating blouses, skirts, tunics and flowing dresses. It is completely or partially made of cotton, or cotton blend with linen or polyester. It is effective for people that are using it in different seasons in the different parts of the world. The crucial factors that are considered while producing the Cotton Voile Quilts emphasize on the quality of the fabric so that it is durable and good in the long run.

How it is used?

Nowadays, Voile is used in clothing as blouses, skirts, tunics, flowing dresses, summer dresses, baby clothes and lingerie. For luxury quilts, it is on the horizon.

Important Features

Voile's surface has resemblance with fine gauze due to its smoothness. It can be sewed and dye in bright colors easily. Unlike tulle, voile is not rough or stiff against the skin.

Washing & Drying

Quilts made of cotton voile can be machine washed on the delicate cycle and hung up or laid flat to dry.

Benefits of Cotton Voile Quilts

  • Our Cotton Voile Quilts are made from 100% complete cotton voile.
  • Quilts made with Cotton Voile have charming texture.
  • It is light, airy, soft, comfortable, and perfect for adding warmth and rustic-luxe style year-round.
  • It can be used either for laid over a second material or in multiple layers.
  • Wiry texture and light weight.
  • Fancy finishing

Cotton is a fiber that will never go out of the fashion. We love wearing cotton because it’s natural, breathable and washable. Cotton Voile brings it to a deeper level of comfort.

Introducing Calla Angel Diamond Applique Bedding Series

  • Diamond patterns are tufted by hand
  • Modern hand appliqué added more textural details
  • Pure premium with quality cotton batting



Introducing Calla Angel Dream Waltz Bedding Series

  • Light, airy cotton voile finished with textural tufted details
  • 100% hand quilted circle on crinkled cotton voile
  • Premium quality poly batting - soft & airy feel



Introducing Calla Angel Country Idyl Bedding Series

  • Perfect combination of Diamond Appliqué and Dream Waltz.
  • Hand tufted diamond pattern.
  • 100% hand quilted circle on crinkled cotton voile
  • Top Premium quality cotton batting



All above series come with various color selection. It’s a glamorous and lightweight layer on any bed.

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